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Galactus is a concept prototype where you are digging through a planet's layers while dodging and destroying dense rocks in order to reach its core. The object is to maintain a fast enough speed where you can tear through the core causing the planets imminent destruction while you're trying to escape through the other side.

We wanted to test out a digging mechanic where we tracked the paths of your previous runs, allowing for a less resistant path if you stuck to those trails. We also added in a quick loadout system where you could hold a few power-ups to aid you in your digging.

We ultimately got lost in how we wanted to play this game, so we decided to shelve it for now. We'd love to hear your feedback on its current state.


Move Left - Left Arrow
Move Right - Right Arrow
Use Next Item - Up Arrow
Exit Game - ESC
Toggle Fullscreen - F11


Galactus.0.0.2.zip 1 MB

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