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Ax0r is a concept prototype where you play as a delusional office employee who thinks he is chopping down tress in a forest where in reality he is smashing computers in his office. The original idea was to transform your current floor to look like a forest while the rest of the floors remained an office building. The computers would transform into trees, and the IT people would become animals. The object is to chop up as many computers/trees as possible without letting the IT department see you. 

We built this prototype to see if the gameplay was fun before spending the necessary time on the additional forest art assets. After going down a huge rabbit hole with ai path finding through working elevators,  we decided to scrap the project as it just wasn't turning into what we had hoped. We hope you enjoy it in its current state and would love to hear your feedback.


Move Left - Left Arrow
Move Right - Right Arrow
Attack - X
Hide Behind Computer - Up Arrow
Exit Hiding - Down Arrow
Call Elevator Up/Floor Select Up - Up Arrow
Call Elevator Down/Floor Select Down - Down Arrow
Enter Elevator - C
Exit Game - ESC
Toggle Fullscreen - F11

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run ax0r.exe to play.


Ax0r.0.0.5.zip 7 MB

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